AFR As Cast 325 BBC Race Head

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325cc As Cast w/ Parts, 119cc

AFR’s Best of Both Solution Are you looking for big torque and big horsepower number? Our BB Chevy line of medium volume intake runners will provide you with exactly that. The phrase “ having your cake and eating it to” would certainly be appropriate with their moderately sized intake runners producing tremendous flow figures across the entire lift range (Our CNC 335 flows 410 CFM!). These high flow/high velocity ports provide extreme versatility and fill the needs of many applications. From a max-effort high compression 454 to a 605 CID low rpm marine application, either one of these cylinder heads would be a great choice. These heads would also be ideal in a larger cubic inch “ Pro-Street” application with their broad torque range, as well as significant rpm and horsepower capability. These cylinder heads will work best with a primary operating range of 3000-7000 rpm’s (This range is an average and will vary with engine displacement as well as component selection). Both the 325cc and the 335cc come standard with AFR’s trademark .750” thick head deck, reinforced rocker stud bosses, and are equipped with premium one piece stainless steel 2.300” intake valves and 1.880” exhaust valves. Standard combustion chamber volume is 119cc’s on our 325 “As Cast” pieces, while the fully CNC ported 335 version comes with a 121cc chamber. Both are available with an optional 114cc combustion chamber as well. Properly selecting the correct cylinder head for an application depends on a large number of variables. Please consult with one of our sales technicians to assist you in making the best decision for your particular application.

Note: Optional stud girdle required for 2° rolled valve angles and 1” longer head bolts needed on four bottom exhaust bolt holes.

Basic Package Components

Competition 5-angle Valve Job

Intake Valve, 2.300” stainless steel, AFR #7626

Exhaust Valve, 1.880” stainless steel, AFR #7631

1.550” OD Roller Dual Valve Spring with dampner, 240 lbs. on seat, .750” maximum lift, AFR #8003

10º Chrome Moly Retainers, AFR #8510

10º Chrome Moly Valve Locks, AFR #9005

Valve Seals, AFR #6611

Hardened Shims, AFR #8044

Intake Valve Seats, AFR #9062

Exhaust Valve Seats, AFR #9064

Bronze Valve Guides Intake, AFR #9045

Bronze Valve Guides Exhaust, AFR #9046

Guide Plates, AFR #6109

7/16" Exhaust Rocker Stud AFR #6406

7/16" Intake Rocker Stud AFR #6407

All Accessory Holes are Predrilled & Tapped!

Specifications, Features, and Supporting Components

Head Torque 75 Ft. Lbs.

Intake Port Gasket, 1.720” x 2.450” with 1/2” radius AFR #6855

Exhaust Port Gasket AFR #6858

Head Gasket 4.370 bore, Fel Pro #1027, AFR #6851

4.540 bore, Fel Pro #1017, AFR #6850

Mark V-VI-up to 4.500 Bore Fel-Pro #17048 or #1047

Mark V-VI-4.500 to 4.600 Bore Fel-Pro #17049

Head Bolts & Studs Standard ARP, AFR #6308, #6306, #6307

Head Bolt Washers Manley, AFR #6320

Stud Girdle AFR #6210

Sugg.. Manifold Edelbrock #2907 & #2927, AFR #5500 & #5502 Dart #6200, #6201, #6202 & #6203 Brodix HVH #2000, #2001, #2005 & #2006

Spark Plug Starting Range Champion C59C Autolite 3932

Combustion Chambers 119cc

Spring Pocket can be cut to 1.750, no deeper.

Valve Spacing Standard

Rocker Arms Standard

Valve Angle 24º/4º Intake, 15º/4º Exhaust

Angle Mill (milling available), 102cc Maximum .009” per cc

Flat Mill (milling available), 114cc Maximum .006” per cc

Note: Milling head deck will affect flow numbers.

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