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185cc SBF "Renegade" 20° Street Head

185cc SBF CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head
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AFR`s 185cc "Street" heads feature 100% CNC ported intake, exhaust & chambers, A356 aluminum castings and high quality components throughout. Recommended for engines from 302-393 cubic inches, operating up to 6000-6500 RPM. Legal for 1995 and older emissions controlled vehicles under CARB EO #D-250-3. Not compatible with OEM pistons. Component upgrade and machining options are available to customize AFR Heads to your specific build, please email, call or chat with us about options for your specific combination. 


185cc SBF Aluminum Cylinder Head Flow Chart

Tested on 4.060 Bore

185cc SBF Aluminum Cylinder Head Flow Chart 


Included Components

100% CNC Ported Combustion Chambers

100% CNC Ported Exhaust Ports

100% CNC Ported Intake Ports

Competition 5-angle Valve Job

AFR #72518mm Bead Lock Intake Valve 2.020" x 4.900" O.A.L.

AFR #72508mm Bead Lock Exhaust Valve 1.600" x 4.950" O.A.L.

AFR #7263Pedastal 8mm Bead Lock Intake Valve 2.020" x 5.080" O.A.L

AFR #7264Pedastal 8mm Bead Lock Exhaust Valve 1.600" x 5.100" O.A.L

AFR #8017PAC Racing Spring 1.290" OD Hydraulic Roller Dual Valve Spring, 140 lbs on seat, .600" maximum lift, Max RPM 6300-6500 (upgrades available)

AFR #85147° Manley Steel Retainers 1.245" O.D x .885" I.D x .655" I.D

AFR #90077° Bead Lock Valve Keepers

AFR #6409ARP 3/8" Rocker Studs

AFR #6103Adjustable 5/16" Guide Plates

AFR #6612Viton Valve Seals .600" O.D x .495" I.D

AFR #8042Hardened Valve Spring O.D Locator 1.380" O.D x .570" I.D

AFR #9059Ductile Iron Intake Valve Seats 2.131" O.D x 1.680" I.D x .375" Deep

AFR #9069Ductile Iron Exhaust Valve Seats 1.650" O.D x 1.350" I.D x .375" Deep

AFR #90518 mm Bronze Valve Guides .502" O.D x 2.100" O.A.L

AFR #6226Thermactor Air Injector Reducer Bushing (5/8"-11 x 7/16"-14)


Specifications & Features:

A356 AluminumMaterial

185ccIntake Port Volume

2.045" H x 1.205" W x 3/8 RadiusIntake Port Dimension

StockIntake Port Location

70ccExhaust Port Volume

1.355" H x 1.360" WExhaust Port Dimension

StockExhaust Port Location

58cc, 60cc, or 72ccCombustion Chamber Size

Perimeter BoltValve Cover Bolt Pattern

20°Valve Angle

1.460" O.DValve Spring Pocket Diameter

1.625" O.DMax Valve Spring Pocket Machining

.750"Deck Thickness

4.000"Minimum Bore Diameter

.006" per cc 54cc Max (from 58cc); 68cc Max (from 72cc);Flat Mill

.009" per cc 48cc Max (from 58cc); 62cc Max (from 72cc)Angle Mill

Note:Angle mills might require a .120" Thick intake gasket.

2.025 sq. in.Minimum Cross Sectional Area

14mm x .750" w/Gasket SeatSpark Plug Dimensions

1/2"Head Bolt Diameter


Recommended Components:

AFR #6832Intake Port Gasket, Fel-Pro #1262

Important: Do not port match your intake manifold to Fel-Pro gasket as it does not precisely fit AFR heads.

AFR #6837Exhaust Port Gasket, Fel-Pro #1415

AFR #6808Head Gasket, 302/351W, Fel-Pro #1011-1

AFR #6318SB Ford 1/2" Bolt Head Bolts, ARP #154-3603

AFR #6317SB Ford 1/2" Bolt Head Studs, ARP #254-4503

AFR #63191/2" Bolt - 7/16" Thread Head Bolts, 289/302W: ARP 254-3708

AFR #6320Head Bolt Washers, Manley

AFR #6207Stud Girdle

Performer or Performer RPMSuggested Manifold

Autolite 3924Spark Plug Starting Range

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